A new journal paper from the TLC group at UniPV has been accepted by the prestigiuos IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing. The paper titled "E-Fi: Evasive Wi-Fi Measures for Surviving LTE within 5GHz Unlicensed Band" results from a collaboration with the Northestern University in Boston and the Uniersity of Bologna.

Il gruppo Telecomunicazioni e Telerilevamento partecipa alla riunione annuale del Gruppo nazionale Telecomunicazioni e Teoria dell'Informazione (GTTI) che quest'anno si svolge a Bari presso la sede del Politecnico. Durante la riunione sono state rinnovate le cariche del GTTI, ed è stata accettata all'unanimità la proposta pavese di ospitare la riunione annuale congiunta GTTI-SiEM (Società Italiana ElettroMagnetismo) prevista per giugno 2019.

The Telecommunications and Remote Sensing Laboratory of the University of Pavia (TLCRS, http://tlclab.unipv.it) has currently open a position for a post-doc researcher in remote sensing and data fusion. This position is related to the activities in the PULSE and EOXPOSURE projects, as well as to general activities in the field of multi-sensor and multi-scale Earth Observation data fusion.

The post-doc researcher is expected to work on the development of new techniques for the extraction of environmental parameters (e.g., concentration of air pollutants, soil humidity) as well as for mapping peculiar environments (e.g., pervious and impervious materials in urban and peri-urban areas) using a combination of existing spaceborne, airborne and ground-based sensors. Examples of recent works in the same lines of research by TLCRS are included in the bibliography below.

The ideal candidate has a PhD in remote sensing, electronic/computer engineering, environmental or information science, and a background on remote sensing image processing and data fusion. The grant is meant to start as soon as possible, ideally on Aug. 1, 2018, and it will last for one year, with a possible extension to another year.

Interested candidates are welcome to send their CV to Prof. Paolo Gamba (paolo.gamba-at-unipv.it) by July 10, 2018.



  • C. Iannelli, P. Gamba “Improving the HBDT framework fusing HR and VHR SAR and optical data for image classification”, Proc. of IGARSS’17, Fort Worth (TX), July 24-28, 2017, pp. 5474-5477
  • A. Marinoni, P. Gamba, “On the effect of air pollution on clinical records of diabetes-related patients”, Proc. of the 2016 Conference on “Big Data from Space” (BIDS’16), Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Spain), March 15-17, 2016, pp. 286-289.
  • A. Salentinig, P. Gamba, "Multi-scale decision level data fusion by means of spatial regularization and image weighting," 2017 Joint Urban Remote Sensing Event (JURSE), Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 2017, pp. 1-4.

I risultati dello scritto dell'appello di Comunicazioni Elettriche del 18 giugno e il calendario degli orari sono disponibili al link seguente:



Following a detailed evaluation of the presentations and the submitted abstracts, the committee composed by Prof. Gabriele Moser (Univ. Genova), Prof. Fabio Dell'Acqua (Univ. Pavia) and Prof. Giampaolo Ferraioli (Univ. Napoli "Parthenope") assigned the best oral and the best poster paper awards, sponsored by the IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society, to the following two young researchers:

  • Best oral paper award to Nertjana Ustalli (Univ. Roma "La Sapienza") for the paper entitled "Kinematic parameters estimation in forward scatter radar configuration".

  • Best poster paper award to Michele Ambrosanio (Univ. Napoli "Parthenope") for the paper entitled "Wavelet decomposition basis for mixed-norm strategies in ground-penetrating radar applications".