Aim and scope

The school aims to present several different approaches and how they can alltogether be exploited in a holistic view of the network. To achieve this, experts in the different aspects outlined above have been put together to cover theoretical aspects as well as the technology fallouts. As such, the school can be of interest for persons involved in the telecom area as well as for researchers involved in more theoretical aspects of complex networks.

The Lombardy Aerospace Industry Cluster - of which our University is a member- was founded in Italy in 2014 as the final step in constructing a representative institution for the regional system of aerospace industries. The first activities of the newly founded cluster were aimed at defining its strategies. An important item in the action list consisted of an in-depth review of aerospace activities at the regional, national, and supranational level, in order to help steering the future strategic plan of the cluster toward optimal goals. This review is still being carried out, mostly through volunteer contributions from both industry and academia, and it includes education-related aspects of the aerospace system in addition to production, research, and other issues.

We are very happy to announce that Prof. Fabio Dell’Acqua has recently received the national Italian habilitation to full professorship. We congratulate with him for this great achievement, and hope there will be soon the possibility to exploit this habilitation.

Il convegno "EU-US Young Leader Seminar" (YLS) si tiene ogni anno nel mese di aprile, e riunisce a Bruxelles 50 giovani europei che hanno ottenuto un successo professionale particolarmente significativo già dalle prime fasi della propria carriera. Quest'anno il convegno si terrà dal 15 al 17 aprile, ed i giovani selezionati si troveranno a discutere le prospettive sull'evoluzione del lavoro con particolare riguardo alle "capacità digitali", fornendo così, "di prima mano", alla Commissione Europea degli elementi utili a forgiare le future politiche per il lavoro comunitario.

Our post-doc Andrea Marinoni (see this article in Italian) has been awarded a grant (called “Progetto professionalità Ivano Becchi”) by the Fondazione Banca del Monte di Lombardia. This is an award for brilliant researchers, designed to promote research works with practical applications. Andrea will go visit the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA working on more advanced techniques to extract pollutants from satellite and ground-based measurements. Congratulations to Andrea for the excellent result!