The Laboratory has a number of international collaborations that yearly bring visiting professors to the University of Pavia. Staff members from the lab have similarly taught short courses in other universities thanks to the Erasmus program. Connections are established with, and funds may be available from year to year to the following institutions:

  1. University of Extremadura (Caceres, Spain)
  2. Instituto Superior Tecnico (Lisbon, Portugal)
  3. Grenoble Polytechnic Institute (Grenoble, France)
  4. University of Cordoba (Cordoba, Argentina)
  5. Federal University of Alagoas (Maceio, Brazil)
  6. Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
  7. Ben Gurion University of the Negev (Beersheeba, Israel)
  8. Aalto University (Aalto, Finland)

The laboratory has been very active in the Erasmus Trainsheep initiative, and in recent years, several students supervised by staff members have been supported to develop their final degree project in companies and universities abroad. Some of them are

  • ImageCat UK (London, UK): Alessandro Vicini, Gianni Iannelli, Daniele De Vecchi
  • IceEye (Espoo, Finland): Alessandro Andreoni

One of our Erasmus students, Gianni Cristian Iannelli, received the ‘9 millionth Erasmus+ participant award’ during the ceremony for the 30th birthday of the EU Erasmus programme, in the presence of Antonio Tajani (President of the European Parliament) and Jean-Claude Juncker (President of the European Commission). One “excellent testimony” was selected per each of the 33 countries participating to the Erasmus Programme, and Gianni was selected for Italy among countless, valuable candidates. A list of the prize winners with their stories can be found at the following link regarding the celebratory event held in Strasbourg: