Prof. Dell'Acqua visited the National Institute of Technology Karnataka (NITK), Mangalore, India, where he taught a Remote Sensing course in November 2017; his host prof. Lal returned the visit in November 2018, illustrating his cutting-edge research work to Remote Sensing students at the University of Pavia. This exchange of visits was instrumental in triggering a network of joint research efforts between the University of Pavia, the NITK, and other Italian and Indian academic institutions in the field of remote sensing and Earth observation.

In this context, fresh research results were obtained on the exploitation of sequence information (as opposed to spectral and spatial information) in multi-band data with specific reference to hyperspectral data. This research was conducted in the framework of a cooperation between the Remote Sensing Group in Pavia and the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering at the International Institute of Information Technology Bhubaneswar, India. Results were submitted as a research paper to the International Journal of Remote Sensing, and have gained approval for publication after peer reviewing. We are proud to announce that the paper is now published as:

Patro, R. N., Subudhi, S., Biswal, P. K., & DellAcqua, F. (2019). "Dictionary-based classifiers for exploiting feature sequence information and their application to hyperspectral remotely sensed data"
International Journal of Remote Sensing

The cooperation among Indian and Italian research groups continues, and fresh results are expected soon.